Welcome to Stehling Metals Inc.

Stehling Metals Inc. is a Niagara-based, family owned and operated lot consolidator of salvage catalytic converters. Our company purchases and recycles scrap catalytic converters, ceramic & foil catalytic converters, and oxygen sensors mainly from collectors but also auto recyclers, scrap yards, garages and muffler shops.

Our knowledge of scrap catalytic converter recycling is based on years of individual converter and small lot analyzing. This ensures proper grading and accurate payment. We export scrap catalytic converters and automotive catalyst to world class processing and refining facilities for recovery of contained Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium.

We are located in Fort Erie, Ontario, and have been happily serving Ontario and the Niagara region for 25 years.

Purchasing catalytic converters
for over 25 years